Michigan woman books a vacation rental for Bike Week on Craigslist Daytona Beach, Gets scammed

Michigan woman books a vacation rental for Bike Week on Craigslist Daytona Beach, gets scammed

Larceny: Police tracked down and investigated an Ormond Craigslist Daytona Beach guy about a missing wallet seen in a shopping cart he picked up at a local dollar store. While police decided added follow-ups to be required before charging him, the guy was arrested throughout the investigation for possession of cannabis.
Security footage from the dollar shop shows the victim leaving her wallet, and possibly phone, inside a shopping cart that would be picked up moments after by the suspect. Police report that the video shows him appearing to observe the pocket, however, he fails to alert any of the workers of its own existence, nor does he hand it on.
After reviewing the footage, a police officer remembers seeing the guy frequently at the local 7-Eleven and heads there to spot him. The man was found and questioned, telling authorities he did not recall visiting a pocket but he did remember hearing the sufferer speaking with a worker about the pocket disappearance.

False Name: A 45-year-old Craigslist Daytona Beach woman was arrested after she gave her daughter’s name in a traffic stop within her died vehicle tag to police. She proceeded to give a fictitious name that she did not wish to go to jail and until he found her ID in her car, at which point she admitted with a license.
Throughout the identity blunder, the girl said she’d changed her name and said her speech was Granada Avenue in Holly Hill. The woman was also discovered to be in possession of marijuana and heroin.

Fraud: Following her holiday rental for Bike Week turned out to be fake, was occupied by renters who advised that they have been renting the home for 39, A Michigan woman was scammed from almost $ 1,300.
The woman found the leasing on Craigslist. She talked over the phone with who she believed to be the owner of the house and deposited the full amount, $1,288.75, into a bank account as instructed. The bank was under another title, but presuming the ad was legitimate, the woman did not question this. “craigslist daytona fl”
The actual owners, whose first and last names were swapped in order on the Craigslist ad, told police they never knew of the sufferer. Their land was booked by the current renters on VRBO.

PD: Daytona Beach native robbed, killed in Craigslist deal – (Craigslist Daytona Beach)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — craigslist daytona fl

Clark Atlanta University said the killing of a junior chemistry major is a”catastrophic” loss for the school.

Authorities in suburban Atlanta said three individuals have been arrested in the death of 21-year-old James Jones Jr., who had been looking to buy an iPhone from a vendor on Craigslist Tampa.

Can safe zones decrease crimes related to Craigslist purchases?
Marietta Police spokesman David Baldwin stated after responding to an advertisement for an iPhone 6 Jones was robbed and fatally shot.

Baldwin said Jordan Baker 19, Jonathon Myles, and Kaylnn Ruthenberg, 21, are jailed on felony murder, aggravated assault, and armed robbery charges, craigslist daytona fl.

Jones was a native of a 2011 Seabreeze High School graduate and Craigslist Daytona Beach.

“We’ve been trying to wrap our head around this. It’s just tragic,” Seabreeze High School Principal Bob Wallace said. “I really don’t think I have ever seen him on campus without a grin on his face. He’s a really outgoing, fine young man.”

The staff of the school is currently working to reach out to Jones’ family to provide sympathy and support.

“it is a terrible loss. That. It’s so bad and the way it happened was senseless,” Wallace stated.


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