Lithia Dodge – Medford candidate with history of profane, caustic posts draws scrutiny

Lithia Dodge: Curt Ankerberg, who are currently operating at Medford in Ward 1, finished second at the Senate District 3 Republican primary in May.

Political observers say that they fear the council race could be won by him because he’s title familiarity from 10 conducts that are unsuccessful as well as the vote will likely be divided among four candidates. The candidate is David Dobrin.

A certified public accountant, Ankerberg has attracted scrutiny for problems.

Regardless of his tax difficulties, Ankerberg dropped to Gomez, Lithia Dodge, that has been a regular target of his invective.

At a Sept. 11 article on political commentator Peter Sage’s website, Ankerberg composed about Gomez, “Let us call a spade a spade.

On Aug. 18, Ankerberg reacted to Sage, “You people are –in ill in mind. He added, in response to another poster, “It is fine that Peter Sage enables anonymous sex deviants for one to post on his website.”

About Facebook, Ankerberg assaulted Sunny Spicer, executive manager of Kid Time Medford, composing, “Spicer… why not run for the college board you dumbass slovenly pig”

Ankerberg’s answer to Spicer was: “Bitch… I do not understand your helpless ass but you began making remarks about me personally. Craigslist Tampa

In a different article, Ankerberg wrote, “You are a useless hog.”

Ankerberg really said that quite especially, writing: “Now… if I were to get on the town council, then you would be on the lookout for a brand new office space to your business.”

Kid Time was negotiating a contract to home its own organization.

“That to me appears to be the misuse of power,” Spicer said. Lithia Dodge

The verbal assault against Spicer began. When she called Ankerberg as”Anger Burger” at a July 12 article on Medford Councilor Kevin Stine’s Facebook page.

Stine stated the response of Ankerberg was on the top.

“I really don’t know anyone locally who has criticized and stinks up just like Curt does.”

He said he believed it was a comparatively soft remark for Spicer to telephone Ankerberg”Anger Burger.”

Stine stated he supports applicants that wish to shake up things but does not think the mad and profane strategy of Ankerberg would serve that goal.

Stine stated the comments were eliminated by Ankerberg. But screen captures by online readers maintained a listing of those articles.

Ankerberg called the editor of this other Rogue Valley Messenger paper as a”real assclown.”

Ankerberg has refused to talk with all the Mail Tribune and has advised the newspaper he’ll file a harassment complaint if he’s contacted by newsroom staff.

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